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The Simpson County Technical Center is a dedicated, caring, multi-dimensional learning community with a mission of providing quality educational opportunities that prepare learners to succeed by offering unique student-centered programs utilizing a creative well-trained staff, challenging curriculum and state of the art resources.

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Dr. George E. Bo Huffman
Dr. George

CTE Director for the Simpson County Technical Center

30 years of experience as an educator

Served as a Biology/Physical Science Instructor and Football/Track Coach prior to becoming an assistant principal and later principal for 11 years at Magee High School. Last 8 years served as CTE Director for the Simpson County School District and the SCTC.

A graduate of Brookhaven High School. Attended Copiah Lincoln Community College on a football scholarship and later transferred to The University of Southern Mississippi where he earned a BS in Coaching and Sports Administration and Science Education.

Obtained MEd. in Educational Leadership from William Carey College.

Earned PhD in Educational Leadership from The University of Southern Mississippi.

CTE: Pathway to a Brighter Future

3 months ago


CTE: Pathway to a Brighter Future

Contributing Author—Dr. Bo Huffman, CTE Director

Career and Technical Education, formerly known as Vocational-Technical Education, has helped

 many students become well-rounded and productive members of society.  In the world in which

we live, nearly everything you see, buy, or eat has been directly impacted by an individual who

 has developed the necessary skill set needed to manufacture or produce such items.   Over the

 last decade, with the help of business and industry leaders, career and technical education has 

been pushed to the forefront of our minds.  Many people are beginning to understand why it is

 necessary for our students to learn more about the different skills needed to meet the demands

 of a global, 21st century workforce.

The Simpson County Technical Center is an institution that prides itself on preparing young 

people for life after high school.  Whether a student chooses to go to college, enter the 

workforce, or both, the skills learned in the technical programs offered through the Simpson 

County School District can benefit our students for a lifetime.  In the 21st Century it is 

 essential that our students be equipped in both academic and technical skills in order to 

compete with students across our nation and the world.  As the director of career and technical

 education,  it has been one of my goals to increase opportunities for the students of Simpson 

County by offering a variety of quality technical programs that provide basic knowledge and 

unique skills which will ultimately prepare our students for the demands of the current 

workforce.   Students who complete a technical skills program of study in the Simpson County

 School District not only learn a skill that they can carry with them for a lifetime but they can also

 further their education at any post-secondary institution.  While students learn unique skills 

offered through the various CTE programs and courses they also gain knowledge related to the 

college  and career readiness standards set forth by the Mississippi Department of Education. 

This is just another reminder that the students who choose to take technical skills programs and 

courses at The Simpson County Technical Center or at either high school are still able to further 

their education and attend the college or university of their choice.  


Last school year we determined that it was in the best interest of our students to convert the 

Automotive Service Technology program to Diesel Service Technology due to the current 

workforce needs and the fact that there are at least four tractor dealerships and two diesel

 injector companies in Simpson County.  This year we are offering both Diesel Service 

Technology I and Diesel Service Technology II for our students.  This is a two year program in 

which students are able to earn two credits/year toward graduation as well as national ASE

certifications.  We also have a new instructor for this program for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Mr. Allen Sanders is serving as the new instructor.  He obtained his credentials from Hinds 

Community College and brings with him eleven plus years of experience as a Diesel Service 

Technican.  We are proud to have Mr. Sanders with us as we continue to strive to give our best so 

that our students are able to achieve their best.

In closing, I want to encourage our business/industry leaders and parents to continue to

support  the great opportunities offered to the students of Simpson County through Career and 

Technical education.   The skills learned through CTE provide our students with the ability to do 

something and go somewhere after high school.  Until next time, remember the vision for The 

Simpson County Technical Center, “Career and Technical Education is a Pathway to a Brighter